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The managed office experts at Novatech empower businesses to increase productivity, lower costs, minimize risks and drive growth through expert guidance in consultation, design, implementation and support of cutting-edge business technology. The Novatech portfolio of managed office solution liberates clients to focus on running their business - leaving the tech to an award-winning provider with over 25 years of industry-leading experience.


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Accounts Receivable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Novatech is a ruthless company that only cares about profits and not people. The management is not very knowledgeable about their role in the company and they are constantly lying to their employees and customers. They are not a diverse company and sit around gossiping about each other and then laugh when they fire people The most rude and disrespectful company I ever worked for!!!!"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"This job was supposed to be outside but was expected to be in the office every day. Learned a sales process for selling copiers and the SPIN sales cycle. Management is not on the same page and there are definitely some that are only out for themselves as opposed to helping the company grow. The culture is a decent one if you make an effort to get to know people. Hardest part of the job would be dealing with the managers and checking off all of the details they expect you to know from the beginning. The people on my team were great to work with.Free soft drinks and water in a stocked fridgeConstant changing of benefits and poor management"

Prefer not to say (Current Employee) says

"Everything changed at the whim of the owner. His main goal is to compete with larger and more organized companies at all costs. Relocation, forcing people to reapply for positions they've held for years, multiple reorganizations which are just cleaning house for lesser paid employees. Not very organized or stable.PaycheckStability, ethics, honesty, consistency"

Inside Supply Sales Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Poor structure not interested in getting better just same ole ideas with no improvement. They ask for employee input and never use it. More concerned about what the outside sees but not real.HoursPay benefits structure future"

Billing Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Just. No. They don't care about you. They only care about sales and bonuses. There are some amazing people there that make the job bearable. Unfortunately no two departments, that should be working together, actually have any idea what each department does.This just causes stress and confusion. Nepotism is rampant throughout the company."

Copier Technician (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work. Growth and communication should be better. I do service calls and take a 30 minute lunch break. My favorite part of the day is meeting new people and repairing their copy machine or fixing their network problem.Company vehicle and meet new people everyday.Poor communication"

account executive sales (Former Employee) says

"Judging from how many times they place an account executive post on indeed turnover in the Chattanooga office is high. It was like being manged by 6 year old. The training consisted of watching online videos for a week with no in field training at all. Most everyone just sat around all day debating where to go to lunch. Manager didn't show up until 10am everyday and went to lunch at 11:30 and stayed gone for 2 hours. No one seemed to care about sales at all. You are on salary for a year then go straight commission."

Service (Current Employee) says

"The CEO would drive around and talk about how great the company was doing and how he well off he was while the workers in the branches went year with no pay raise.The workers in the branches go alongNo pay raises, hostile executives, zero respect and care for service.Hi! We are sorry to see your employment experience with Novatech has not been positive. I did want to address a couple of concerns in your review. Novatech definitely values our service team and has a Technical Career Ladder in place which helps to develop our Technicians and reward them with incremental pay increases. In 2018, 70% of service professionals received a pay increase. In addition, Team Leaders of the quarter are rewarded with a week’s vacation with their family at the Novatech Beach House. We do hope that you were able to participate in our employee survey last month and share your feedback."

Human Resource Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job while at NovaTech. I connected with some great people and I developed some great skillsets. While there were great things there were also negative. I believe the company is a bit sexist & considering it is an at will place of employment, they can release you for no reason other than a particular someone doesn't like you. Some people are in high places because of gender and not quality or skill. I experienced having more knowledge that my "team leader" & was used to create a playbook for what my particular department did & after I did that, the next week they let me go saying "it was a corporate decision." I was hurt yet at peace because I know the quality of employee that I was and that I was simply used for all that I knew & let go to be replaced by someone incompetent and from what I hear doing a terrible job. I loved my job and some of the people that I worked, I did way more than my job entailed however I regret absolutely nothing. Life and God have found a way to take care of me.Meeting Space Rentals, free food, some great peoplehealthcare, management, lack of trainingHi! I will admit we are confused by your review as we do not have any Human Resource Specialists in Memphis. Our Human Resources department is located at our Headquarters Branch in Nashville. Regardless, Novatech strives to treat all employees equally and does not make personnel decisions based off gender or personal feelings. We are sorry to hear your employment with Novatech was a negative experience."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Low base salary and they push you to go full commission so you feel forced to stay once you are on a draw. The turnover in the sales department is horrid averaging about 60% attrition. If you make it here a year then you have accomplished something.Free can cokes most of the time. They provide you a base salary and benifits.Everything but the free cokes."

Technical Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Novacopy was a good place to work for. When they expanded it seem to become more corporate. Novacopy has change there name to Novatech smart move. I think by them focusing on the network side will help the company grow and succeed.Company car monthly drawingsMedical cost to much Pay rasies low."

Account Receivable Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Novacopy is a growing company. The co workers, work well together. They are always willing to assist each other, with responsibilities, Management is friendly, and will do what it takes to help you make your job easier.Co-worker and family get togethersNot enough pay"

IT Support Technician (Current Employee) says

"Its really not a great corporation to work for. Good for experience but other than that, they will not pay enough to keep good people. That is why everyone is leaving.Experience and free drinksDont expect to get paid enough"

Copier Technician (Former Employee) says

"repair copy machines. co-workers were great at helping out. the most enjoyable part of the job that I learned the citycompany vechicle and phoneno room for advancement"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked well and advanced quickly. If I hadn't have been seriously injured back in December of 2018, I would still be working for them. Memphis TN is a dangerous place to live."